Bathmate Results : Before And After Pictures

Bathmate works!!!!

It´s been now almost 6 months since I started into the whole penis enhancement, thankfully I have never injured myself, something that´s quite common on the new comers and beginners.

I have always heard how my penis was responding to the workouts (at the end of the day it´s like a muscle, if you feel you have worked it well, adding an extra set or exercise might be counterintuitive). Remember, you find success in penis enhancement if you set your mind to run a marathon not a sprint.

And this is were the bathmate comes into play, manual exercises such as jelquing, clamping, stretching, compressions are very effective but are hard to do, preparing yourself for a session takes 45 minutes or more, you have got to warm down before and after, and if you introduce jelqs in your routine, the most basic excersice for girth, you will have to use some sort of lube : that means that after your session a shower is necessary to clean your parts.

At the beginning it´s doable as you are motivated to get some gains but as time passes you might start to postpone one or two workouts if you are running low on time, on top of that results may take some time to be visible. In the past this has been enough to make me quit after a month, in my opinion it´s the definite killer to long time commitment, the most important ingredient in penis enhancement. In my personal experience relying only on manual exercises makes it “tiring” to “run the marathon”.

But thanks god I have got the Bathmate with me, it is so comfortable and practical, I just need to take it to the shower and within 10 minutes of use I feel a full expansion of my corpus cavernosum.

Within several months the gains have been quite visible, specially girth wise were I am mainly focusing:

Bathmate Before Pciture : April 2014

Bathmate Before Pciture : April 2014

In the after photo pic, you can observe some bruises, nothing to be alarmed about, a common symptom when working out, as the expansion of tissue is maximum with the bathmate. Also on the background you can see my spanish site where I discuss everything related to penis enhancement in more detail:

Bathmate Results, After Picture. September 2014

Bathmate Results, After Picture. September 2014

If you are new to male enhacement you can expect an inch of permanent gain within the first 12 months and if you combine it with other manaul exercises such as jelquing you will make more consistent gains.

Unlike other potentially dangerous air pumps, Bathmate is very safe, I have never had any problems with it, as you can also see from the images my erection has improved (quality of erection is measured in relation to the angle it has with your abdomen, the more its pointing upwards and closer to your abdomen, the better).

I totally recommend this water pump to anyone who is serious with their enhancement. You will enjoy the whole process much more, you will get faster gains and it will be compatible to your schedule no matter how busy it is, if you have got time to take a shower you might as well also take the bathmate with you.

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